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Jun 20, 2019 / Blog
There is a popular ghost story that circulates among the pro-transit community of expertise and practice in Lebanon. Ask anyone vaguely interested in the sector about what happened to public transport in this country, and they will mention the story of Czech-made Karosa buses procured by our post-... more
Oct 15, 2018 / Blog
Credits: Transport for Cairo   Urban life is becoming ever more complex with high densities, growing population and ever-expanding urban sprawl. These factors represent a higher demand for mobility, where conventional ways of transport do not guarantee a sustainable future and may not necessarily... more
Jan 15, 2018 / Blog
Once built and then later widened for private cars, the major arterial roads of Greater Cairo continue to suffer massive congestion due to bus infrastructure design issues and the huge increase in private car usage for personal daily trips. However, many of Cairo's buses continue to operate on... more
Mar 15, 2017 / Blog
Case of the City of Tunis: Evolution or Revolution? Hurry, it’s urgent!!   Public passenger transportation in Greater Tunis is currently provided by two public operators – TRANSTU and the Société nationale des chemins de fer tunisiens (Tunisian National Railway Company SNCFT), Four private... more
Oct 03, 2016 / Blog
Cycling still has to fight so many battles to be accepted as a sustainable urban mode of transport in Egypt. Being not socially accepted, cycling is perceived as not suitable for respectful people.   On the one hand, the Egyptian society is very conservative and, historically, cycling always had a... more
Oct 03, 2016 / Blog
Transportation has direct impact on the economy, the environment and people’s mobility. On one hand, the air quality is getting worse and there is pollution due to vehicle emissions resulted from the increasing fuel consumption. On the other hand, the large number of people working in places far... more
Jun 22, 2016 / Newsletter
First Webinar organized by the Community of Practice for Sustainable Urban Transport : How to implement a mass transport project?   Monday, July 18, 2016   Rabat 10:00 / 11:00 Algiers, Tunis / Paris 12:00 / 13h00 Beirut   The implementation of mass transit projects includes difficult challenges for... more