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CMI’s 11th Annual Meeting: Partnership for Knowledge, Knowledge for Action

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  • Paris, France, 04 February: The CMI held its eleventh annual meeting with the presence of high-level representatives of its member countries as well as its partner organizations. The meeting, chaired by the world bank's Chief Economist for the MENA region, Rabah Arezki, gave an overview of the CMI work throughout the year and highlighted through video presentations the concrete results achieved within each of the center's program's. A number of the CMI beneficiaries were also present to showcase the impact the CMI's programs have had on their development work and the added value it brought to its institutional partners (more in Annual Report or in videos). Members and partners took this opportunity to reiterate their continuous support for the CMI’s work.


    Introducing the CMI: A decade of Partnership for Knowledge and Action 



    The CMI is the only Mediterranean institution gathering governments, international development institutions, local authorities, and civil society. Such an alliance is key for policy reforms and development in the region. 2019 marked the year the CMI completed its first decade. This video is an overview of the historical milestones the center has crossed in the last ten years.     


    The Meaning of Mediterranean Integration Today:  Beyond Trade, New Linkages and Towards Deeper Integration
    Presentation by: Blanca Moreno-Dodson




    CMI 2019 Results: A Year in Review 





    [2019 Results] Human Capital: Education, Labor Mobility and Employability  



    [2019 Results] Resilience to Forced Displacement



    [2019 Results] Resilience to Climate Change: Water 




    [2019 Results] Resilience to Climate Change: Energy



    [2019 Results] Territorial Resilience




     Overall presentation could be viewed here 



    Going Forward: CMI Flagship Initiatives


    A New Initiative!




    Mediterranean Water Knowledge Program 


    A CMI/ WB Flagship Report Coming up Soon!



    Mobility in The Mediterranean: Forced Displacement, Migration and Human Capital



    Event in Pictures


    Find more pictures here