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Getting Syrians Back to Work – a Win-Win for Host Countries and the Refugees

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Feb 24, 2016 / 0 Comments

For the last six weeks or so I have been more or less full time engaged in thinking about how we can generate employment opportunities for Syrians in countries that are hosting them, particularly those located in Syria’s near neighbors. I have reflected on my experience in working on private sector development in Syria nearly a decade ago. As someone who had worked in virtually every country in the Middle East I was amazed at the country’s industrial potential. So in thinking about how the Bank can help the Syrian refugees, my mind quickly turned to the question of finding the entrepreneurs and artisans behind this wealth of capabilities.


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John Speakman

John Speakman is an Adviser in the Middle East North Africa Trade and Competitiveness Practice.  He presently leads the Banks efforts to develop economic opportunities for the Syrian Refugees.  He has extensive experience in the region working in 19 of the 21 countries including significant time in Jordan and Syria. He has worked a lot in fragile situations and has authored a book on Entrepreneurship in Fragile Environments.


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